My Frugal Frugal Ways

December 29, 2007, 11:39 am
Filed under: The Environment

Saving the environment benefits everyone. One step is to concentrate on reducing the amount of garbage your family produces.

Buy from bulk bins as much as possible to reduce packaging. 33 percent of what we throw away consists of product packaging.

I use plastic containers to store leftover food instead of foil and cling wrap. I take my own lunch to work and use a thermal lunch bag and those plastic sandwich containers which I can take home, wash, and reuse.

Use canvas bags when you shop or take the plastic bags back to recycle or reuse. We like to find at least one additional use for items that we throw away so, when we do end up with plastic grocery bags, we use them to pick up after our dogs while out on walks.

Compost fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, egg shells, etc… We shred our bills and other scraps of paper and compost that as well. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any hazardous inks.

Buy fruits and vegetables in bulk in season and freeze rather than relying on canned items.

Recycle your paper by making paper out of it. has some great directions. It’s a bit time consuming but a fun craft for family.

Read news on the internet instead of buying a newspaper.

Recycle clothing by giving the good stuff to a charitable organization and finding another use for the stuff that’s too worn to give away. Old shirts and towels make great rags. Cut up some old clothes and use them to stuff the dog bed. You get the idea.


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